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Daniela Junko also known as DJ,  is a Brazilian/ Japanese actor who currently lives in Los Angeles.


First discovered by a highly respected Brazilian director in her youth, actress Daniela Junko had to wait several years before actually following her dreams of the big screen due to a conservative family and a protective Japanese father who viewed acting as “an irresponsible way of living life.”


With an IQ of 140 and the ability to speak several languages such as Portuguese, Norwegian, English and Japanese. DJ worked hard her way into the film industry.


She started her  career in modeling, from Brazil to Norway and Singapore, where she represented the renown Victoria Secret.


Daniela is famous for her fighting skills. She practices Muay Thai and Kick Boxing.


She trained her acting skills at  the Sharon Chatten studio and at the Ivana Chubbuck studio.



Daniela  Junko.

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